Root Canal

You may have been told you need a root canal, or you know someone else that needs one. Eitherways, it sounds daunting and most people usually have questions. 


What is a Root Canal?

Do I really need it?

Will it Hurt?

Will I need a Crown afterwards?




Well, look no further, we have answers to your questions!


A root canal  is needed when the nerve inside the tooth gets infected or damaged. This can happen due to a host of reasons, however it is most commonly caused by a large unchecked cavity in the tooth. Once the cavity travels through the tooth and infects the nerve, it can cause severe pain and infection. At this point the tooth can only be saved by an extraction or root canal. A tooth may also need a root canal if it has an old, large restoration that is close to the pulp and is causing hyper inflammation or has a chronic infection due to trauma. 


Although a rooth canal may sound daunting it is a very effective procedure and can elminate pain without having to extract the tooth. It may take one or two appointments, depending on the extent of damage and tissue that needs to be removed. 


A crown is typically recommended after a root canal treatment, as it will reinforce the tooth and prevent it from breaking. If the decay was minimal, and root canal had been recommended because of face trauma then a crown may not be required. Our dentists assess each case thoroughly and customize recommendations based on individual patient needs. 


At New England Dental will make the procedure as comfortable as possible, as our accredited professionals have years of experience in performing rooth canals; and since our team prioritizes quality and patient care, you can come to your appointment worry-free. 


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