Complete Family Dentistry

Here, you, your family and children are under the care of healthcare providers concerned with your comfort, safety and well-being. New England Dental Care provides services for the entire family from minimally-invasive and preventative child dentistry to simultaneous family appointments for optimal time management. At New England Dental Care, we work together to forge the healthiest possible lives for our patients and their families.

Finding a Springfield dentist that you are most comfortable with might not be as easy as it seems, but it doesn’t have to be dreadful. It is especially necessary to consider friendliness and comfort if you have children who also need dental care. The very idea of being with dentists and checking their teeth can be very stressful–you might literally need a back-up just to get them settled! With our friendly staff, you wouldn’t have a problem getting the services from the best dentist in Springfield for your kids.


As we know, a lot of oral conditions can pass through genetically and are inherited. It’s very important, if we know there’s family history, as early intervention and prevention are key to overall oral health and wellbeing. We have a passion for doing that and taking care of our patients


New England Dental Care is a family-oriented practice not only driven by healthy, beautiful smiles, but also focused on overall wellness and total body health.


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